Making things and/or coming up with new ideas for anything in life, teaches children how to solve problems on their own. As parents, we should foster independence and there is no better way to do this than through crafts! When children complete or work through small tasks in a fun manner, they gain confidence to accomplish even larger or more serious tasks. Adults can join in to provide maximum benefits and support creative learning of the little ones by brainstorming and applying ideas. Parents don’t realize but children learn maximally when they are in their creative and fun zone. One may query children about how they think they will trim papers in order to make a plane or how would they manipulate a cardboard sheet to make a goody box. Questions, such as these, stirs children’s thinking in the right direction. Sooner or later, they imbibe critical thinking skills based on questions and apply these to academic tasks. So, never shy away from getting crafts and art materials for your little ones. Art materials are not a waste of time at all! The little brains are absorbing more than you think.

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