Approximately, 20% of child deaths under the age of 14 are attributed to drowning around the world. Swimming teaches kids water safety and the skills necessary to reduce the possibility of drowning. Other benefits of swimming include, keeping your kids active and reducing obesity. As parents, you can do a lot to help them get started. First of all, try and sign up your children for professional lessons, just in case, you think that you may not have the required competency to teach swimming. On the other hand, if you do take up this charge then make sure your kick start the lessons by teaching floating in water. Floating requires children to straighten their legs without bending them at the knee level. Help support this before helping them out with bubbling under the water level. Using floaters for some time to do away with water fear is also a good idea. Try to read materials on the mechanics of body movements in water. Perhaps, this may help you to build your own mini-lessons for your child! Finally, watch swimming videos with your child or sit and observe other children swim together. This will make your own kid want more.

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