SGPS provides excellent infrastructure, specially designed to bring about social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of your child. The infrastructure consists of physical activity, promoting classroom equipment. We focus on the development of motor skills of the child such as walking forward and backward, running, kicking, squeezing, holding the pen, movement of each fingers etc. The classrooms are spacious and are furnished with activity friendly furniture and accessories.

In the present world where there is an enormous amount of information available at your finger tips, the importance of preschool cannot be underestimated. Hence keeping in mind the requirements of the child in future we have a preschool curriculum which is mostly tailor-made to suit the child’s mind with provisions for modification and improvisation to take care of the useful takeaways.

Asia's Largest Unique Preschool In Bengaluru


A warm welcome awaits every student and parent at Shanthinikethana School. You are about to become a part of a very large family, where your wishes and opinion will be welcome. The family must be happy, safe and comfortable in such an environment.Life in a well run school can be full and enjoyable, provided each one is a good citizen and exercise the values of Love, Empathy and Discipline.


  • Specially designed Early childhood preschool
  • International standard curriculum
  • Child safe environment

  • Multi – faceted facility
  • Community Spaces
  • Toy library
  • ICT
  • Splash Pool
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Shanthinikethana Global Preschool


All researches confirm that “the early years of a child provide the greatest spurt in cognitive and emotional growth, as long as home and school environment are rich and free from fear”.Creative Shanthinikethana Preschool home is a house with spacious indoor & outdoor play area. Children get in a group, share their ideas and activitie


  • Teacher student ratio starting 1:15
  • ECCE qualified and trained staff
  • Music & Dance

  • Amphitheatre
  • Spacious outdoor
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Story Corner
- Mrinalini & Shankara NagarajParent
We wanted to share some of good experience on your school.It is one of the best schools in the area….it provides a child holistic development…I am proud to have my children ( Lalitha S & Sushrutha S) studying in this school…the teachers are very loving and caring…my children are also very happy with the school. We sincerely appreciate your efforts in your focus just on studies but multiple other cultural events / interactive sessions for kids , Practical assignments to kids to get detailed understanding of concepts , various competitions e.t.c. Image mind is one of its kind providing a wider opportunity for kids to enhance artistic skills and imagination. Wishing you a Happy New year & continued growth

Vision, Mission and Motto

Our vision, mission and motto is to impart education that equips the individual to cope with the diverse needs of the society.