Raising Thankful and Grateful Children

Families should try to make thankfulness more of a habit for their children in the materialistic world. An attitude of gratitude helps all of us to thrive. Try to begin with simple things like “thank you”. Acknowledging those who quietly make a difference in your life is what your child needs to see. Saying good things for the sweeper, maid and the milkman are very important. This way your child will not only be positive about dignity of labor but will also not take people for granted.
Going further, it is imperative to teach your child that there could be silver lining in bad times. For instance, if they have had a hard time getting along with a good buddy then they should be coached about expanding their social circles. Or, if they have missed their school bus then they should be explained about appreciating the extra time that they could then get with parents while traveling to school. It is easy to focus on what has gone wrong instead of focusing on the good that could have come out of a situation.

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